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AgoraInsights is an easy-to-use fintech platform that merges customer data and artificial intelligence to predict auto loan performance. Our desking tools help determine more profitable vehicles to purchase and suggests pricing strategies. Dealers can maximize portfolio performance by using these powerful resources.

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The essential App for your loan portfolio

Monitor the real-time market value of your loans

Our platform uses artificial intelligence and over $76 billion of market data to project loan performance and determine the book value of your loans.

AgoraInsights has become a trusted resource for portfolio valuations, helping business owners understand how much their loans are worth and which factors affect their market value. 

AgoraBook is the only “on demand” loan level or loan portfolio valuation tool on the market. Knowledge is power and AgoraBook provides valuable information you must have.

Tools built to help you grow

Understand the future performance of your loan portfolio

AgoraInsights uses radical artificial intelligence to predict the outcome of originated seasoned loans. Our platform shows you the future performance of cash collections, repossessions, charge off, loans that pay in full, what vehicles perform better than others, and much more.

AgoraInsights is free

Our mission is the overall health of the industry and our members. Therefore, we provide our members with the tools they need to reach their financial goals, grow their businesses, and increase the value of their portfolios. Our industry partners work with us to bring this powerful data analytics platform directly to you at no cost.

Compare your portfolio

Business insights not available anywhere else

AgoraInsights is the most comprehensive analytics platform on the market. Review summary information about individual customers or compare your portfolio to other businesses in the industry.

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Grow your portfolio

Growth opportunities optimized to any portfolio

Our platform learns from past experiences to provide custom insights tailored to an individual portfolio – regardless of size. Quickly learn which factors are affecting your business and discover opportunities that are specific to you. 

It's as simple as connecting to your dealer management system

Connect to your DMS and get:

Real-time portfolio analysis

Connecting your DMS provides a central pipeline through which both systems can communicate, efficiently delivering real-time access to relevant, personalized information – freeing up your time to focus on high-value tasks.​

DMS Integration
AgoraInsights Module
AgoraInsights Module

Connect to your DMS and get:

Incredible in-depth reporting

AgoraInsights analyzes your entire portfolio in seconds and displays a complete overview of your business on one user-friendly dashboard. 

Connect your DMS, or send us a data file

Get started today

Before AgoraInsights can provide a complete analysis of your portfolio, it needs access to data. Start receiving full reporting the moment you connect your dealer management system or send us a data file.

Discover the many ways our other innovative solutions can help you accelerate success

A revolutionary line of credit

AgoraCapital guarantees every loan funded with a path to the lowest possible fixed interest rate. Agora contractually guarantees you that over time your rate will decrease and become a fixed interest rate.

Bulk purchase program

AgoraTrade is the on-demand answer to quickly sell your auto loans. Ensure your business always has access to quick capital. Stop dealing with only a few buyers and learn how AgoraTrade can get you more money.

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