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Learn the True Value of Your Auto Loans

You can look up the “book value” of a car on your lot, but what about the value of your auto loans? Using artificial intelligence, we have developed a first-of-its-kind valuation tool to give you the true value of your auto loan portfolio.

AgoraInsights provides comprehensive analytics for your auto loans, giving you complete control over your portfolio. With such accurate industry insights, you can make more informed decisions, increase operational efficiencies, and maximize profits.

AgoraInsights | Portfolio Valuation

Grow Your Business

With constant feedback and insight into your portfolio, you can easily monitor and adjust operational strategies so you are always on track to hit your financial targets.

Backed by Machine Learning

Our platform analyzes data from billions of dollars of past receivables and runs thousands of iterations on each loan daily. Learning from the past allows us to project loan values and future performance of an entire portfolio with extreme accuracy!

No Cost To You

Agora offers our services to dealer members at no cost. We believe in providing loan originators like you with the tools you need to help grow your business and increase the value of your portfolio.


Powerful Tools Built to Grow Your Portfolio

Portfolio Valuation

Understand your current financial position, the progress you’ve made, and your projected future performance.
  • Assess Your Financial Situation
  • Define Short and Long-Term Goals
  • Develop a Strategic Plan
  • Regularly Monitor Progress
  • Evaluate Results
AgoraInsights | Portfolio Valuation
AgoraInsights | Individual Loan Inventory

Filter Individual Loans

Filter your current loan inventory to view specific details including:

  • Loan Number
  • Principal Balance
  • Loan-to-Value
  • Seasoning
  • Down Payment
  • Valuation
A detailed loan data file is also available for download.

Loan Comparison

Compare two loans to identify critical attributes and analyze subtle differences.

  • Analyze Effects of Underwriting
  • Evaluate Business Strategy
  • Launch New Campaign
  • Benchmark Results
AgoraInsights | Strats

Loan Strats

Get graphical breakdowns of your loan strats in one dashboard to quickly view and assess your:

  • Make Breakdown
  • Body Style Breakdown
  • Age of Collateral
  • Delinquency
  • Seasoning
  • Remaining Term

Benchmarking vs Industry

Compare your loan originations to see how they measure up against the industry as a whole. View benchmarking stats such as:

  • Average Amount Financed
  • Average APR
  • Average Loan-to-Value
  • Average Term
  • Most Common Payment Frequency
  • Average Down Payment

Getting Started

With a few simple clicks, you can fully integrate your dealer management system with our platform. You will immediately have access to the comprehensive analytics of your portfolio and every loan in it. If we are not currently partnered with your dealer management system, let our onboarding team know, and they will get you up and running.

Why It's a Game Changer

Our tools provide you complete control over your business and auto loan portfolio. We empower you to make strategic decisions, identify opportunities for growth, and track the overall health and performance of your portfolio.

Great For

  • Tracking portfolio growth
  • A visual breakdown of your assets
  • Comparing yourself to the industry
  • Seeing the effects of your underwriting

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More Agora Features

Selling Your Auto Loans

Agora unites the auto loan marketplace by bringing all participating parties to one unified platform. Sellers are now entirely anonymous as buyers compete for your paper. You’re now in complete control.
Man at Laptop


AgoraCapital provides dealers with access to an efficient line of credit with minimal loan covenants and very low interest rates.
Auto Dealer Making A Sale


Frequently Asked Questions

When you integrate your dealer management system with Agora our machine learning models pull NADA values for the related vehicles underlying the loans in the portfolio. Agora then inputs the collateral value and other data points from your dealer management system into our proprietary probability model. This model runs over 10,000 probabilities for each loan, rolls up to the portfolio level and projects future cash flows, including defaults, prepayments, interest and principal payments and recovery month over month. This model refreshes routinely as new inputs from your dealer management system are received.

Billions of dollars in principal balance were used to create the Agora Valuation Model and have been used and tested by finance companies buying loans. We have real history utilizing the Agora Valuation Model.

To receive the full power of AgoraInsights, only you and Agora can see your data. If you decide to sell loans, then potential buyers can see your non-public information data only with your express permission.

AgoraInsights allows you to compare your dealership or finance company portfolio performance to others in your market.

*Please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more details.

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