We take the guess work out of finding deals to bid on.

In ancient Greece, the Agora was a central gathering and marketplace. Today, AGORA is redefining the automotive finance market by serving as the central “hub” for buyers and sellers of automotive loans. We are data, process and secondary market experts that integrate all stakeholders in automotive finance.

AGORA’s next generation automotive finance platform and marketplace brings accessibility, efficiency, transparency and security to the secondary market.

AGORA’s platform intuitively understands all loan data points. Its structure aggregates data from all buyer, seller and 3rd party systems across all stages of a loan’s life to bring unprecedented insights and analytical capabilities to users.

AGORA’s online marketplace utilizes a powerful search engine and bidding platform to help match sellers with buyers to create liquidity and facilitate transactions.

Our Team

The AGORA team has been in auto finance for decades and senior executives of AGORA have spent over 30 years in the retail auto and BHPH business, running some of the nation’s largest finance companies, servicing organizations, and banks. Collectively, they have been some of the most active purchasers of loan pools buying more than $15 billion. The AGORA team has identified friction points for both sellers and buyers of auto loan pools, and created AGORA to address these pain points.

Geographically Diverse Loan Offerings

As the only truly agnostic loan management platform, AGORA works with dealers and Loan Management Systems in all 50 states. AGORA facilitates the ultimate in marketplace diversity while providing power and clarity to buyers and sellers.

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