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Our cutting-edge platform empowers auto dealers and finance companies with trailblazing technology and endless capital to build wealth, increase sales, and compete for additional market share.

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Reducing Rate Line of Credit

AgoraCapital is the industry's first reducing rate line of credit where interest rates are guaranteed to decrease over time. We also offer the highest advances. Starting day one, empower wealth building and gain a competitive advantage.

Low-Interest Rate

AgoraCapital has one of the lowest interest rates for dealers and finance companies in the industry. Gain access to the source of funds that the major subprime lenders have access to.

Reducing Interest Rate

With AgoraCapital your interest rate gets better over time until it becomes a low fixed rate. We contractually guarantee you a low fixed rate.

Fast Contract Funding

Get empowered with the industry-leading advance rate. Increase your sales/financing, compete for growth, or use the advance in any way you choose.

No Personal Guaranty

Your personal life, family, finances, and real estate are not tied to your AgoraCapital line of credit.

No Hidden Fees

Gain the freedom to drive your success. AgoraCapital has limited financial and underwriting restrictions. There are also no hidden fees and no annual audit fees.

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A.I. Driven Analytics

AgoraInsights is our patent pending technology that helps loan originators better understand the power of their portfolio. It provides the first-ever book value of loans that recognizes patterns in customer behavior and discovers ways to improve portfolio performance.

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Bulk Purchase Program

AgoraTrade connects BHPH, independent auto dealers, and finance companies to an exclusive market of buyers paying top dollar for subprime paper. Sell loans to capital market investors, hedge funds, and banks. Let Agora handle it all for you.

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AgoraTrade Proposal
AgoraTrade Proposal
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