Get Access to Efficient Financing

AgoraCapital provides dealers with access to an efficient line of credit with minimal loan covenants and very low interest rates.

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Your Direct Access to Financing

Low Interest Rates

With AgoraCapital, you can significantly reduce expenses by lowering your interest rates. In some cases, potentially as low as 6 - 9%.

Access to Unlimited Credit

Your line of credit will be scaled based on the number of loans you can originate. As your originations increase, so can your line of credit.

Term Financing

AgoraCapital is structured with term financing component. Once the term component is deployed, you can avoid risky annual renewal options.

Why It's a Game Changer

In some cases, we may cut your interest rates in half. We do not cap your line, so your funding can grow as you grow. There is no personal guaranty, it allows for term financing, and it’s all online.

Great For Dealers Who Want To:

  • Make more money
  • Access lower interest rates
  • Secure increased financing capacity
  • Scale their business
  • Retire with residual income
  • Exit the market


It’s easy to qualify for AgoraCapital. All you have to do is become AgoraCertified Gold by speaking to one of our Portfolio Strategy Representatives.

More Agora Features

AgoraInsights provides comprehensive analytics and summary information that many institutional lenders pay millions to develop. These insights empower dealers to make more informed decisions, increase operational efficiencies, and maximize profits.

Selling Your Auto Loans

Agora unites the auto loan marketplace by bringing all participating parties to one unified platform. Sellers are now entirely anonymous as buyers compete for your paper. You’re now in complete control.
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