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AgoraCapital provides Buy Here Pay Here dealers with a custom bridge to capital markets’ financing and empowers them with the borrowing power and low-interest rates that are used by most of the nation’s largest auto lenders.


We're Changing the Way You Grow Your Business

Get the Capital You Need to 3X Your Portfolio

Low-Interest Rates

Get interest rates in the single digits.* Agora enables BHPH dealers with access to low-interest funding that some of the nation's largest lenders use to build multi-million dollar portfolios.

Grow Your Loan Portfolio

You now have the freedom to pursue your dreams. Equip your dealership or finance company with a Capital Facility at least three times your current capacity and gain the financial freedom to grow as much as you desire.

No Personal Guaranty

Drastically reduce risk by eliminating the need for a personal guaranty or a pledge of your real estate. Without having to pledge personal assets, you can sleep better and grow faster, knowing that your resources are secure.

Non-Recourse Advance

Our industry-leading advances are non-recourse. There is no monthly borrowing base or true-up for ineligible loans so the advance you get is yours to keep.

*These terms are solely indicative, confidential, are not binding, and are subject to change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AgoraCapital is your bridge to the Capital Markets enabling you to dream big and grow your dealership.

Crowdsourced securitization was invented by Agora and is aggregating many originators like you into “one bucket” creating the scale needed for an elegant and efficient financing.

The technology, math, legal structure, and analytics are very complicated. We invented the technology to accomplish this new securitization strategy and have spent millions in legal fees and development costs to ensure streamlining of requirements and compliance.

Obtaining funding from large institutions that buy bonds secured by your loans.

Low interest rates, unlimited capital without recourse or personal guaranties. Plus, access to the capital markets often creates potential for blue sky value when/if you sell your business.

Unless you have assets that exceed $100 million and analytics/reporting acceptable to rating agencies there is no possibility of accessing the capital markets without AgoraCapital.

Simply put, a bank loan is debt and AgoraCapital is non-recourse debt. No ineligible loans causing monthly true ups. Also, term financing, which means the money you get is for the term of your loans and not “annually renewable.”

In many cases capital market rates are 50% lower than that of typical lenders and 1% to 5% lower than banks.
Unlimited growth and ability to build blue sky value in your dealership.
Market factors and index rates like Prime and LIBOR.
It depends on your portfolio’s market value; however, typical advance rates are between 50% to 70% of the principal balance.

The advance provided is non-recourse. It is paid by the payments from customers; however, since it is non-recourse originators are not responsible to pay it back in the event of defaults.

We have a trusted and reliable vendor relationship with the largest independent finance company and the largest portfolio manager in the U.S.
No, there are no personal guaranties.
No, this is not a credit line, therefore, the amount available to you is unlimited.
You are free to provide general customer service functions and maintain a relationship with your customers; however, you cannot make collection calls or administer any other collection activity as these functions are now carefully handled by the servicer.
Yes, but we prefer they send their payments directly to the servicer. If needed, you can assist your customer by providing access to login their payment information.
Costs vary and are assessed based on the type of loans you have. Once a price is established it is a percentage against the entire portfolio and there are no upcharges for delinquency. The costs are considered efficient to cover collection and loan servicing.
Yes, you will have access to the Agora Reporting Portal to review your portfolio in total, as well as data at the loan level.
You can collect payments up until the “go live” date.
No, our counter-party due diligence does not require a personal credit report.
There is no cap to your credit limit.
The only restriction is to pay off a lender, if applicable. Once the lender is paid you can spend the remaining money anyway you see fit. Our VP of Portfolio Solutions can help you with ideas on reducing other debt, buying more inventory or increase marketing spends.
We infused our business models with the latest artificial intelligence including machine learning and natural language processing. These models feed our proprietary prediction simulator that was built using many billions of liquidated loans, and the output from this provides calculated cash flows.
If you are on Agora Data’s platform you have an opportunity to enroll via your dashboard to refinance your loans through AgoraCapital. You can also let us know by contacting us at 877-592-4672 or
Yes, you will have a dedicated relationship manager available to assist throughout the entire process.
Our staff will provide you with an all-inclusive finance, operational and car dealership support including but not limited to; compliance, accounting, marketing, technology, and general advice/strategy.
*Please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more details.

More Agora Features

Analyze and Manage Risk

AgoraInsights provides comprehensive analytics and summary information that many institutional lenders pay millions to develop. These insights empower dealers to make more informed decisions, increase operational efficiencies, and maximize profits.

Convert Loans to Cash

AgoraTrade unites the auto loan marketplace by bringing all participating parties to one unified platform. Sellers are anonymous as buyers compete for your paper. You’re now in complete control.

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