You buy and sell the cars.
We fund and service the loans.

Build a residual-based portfolio with our advanced technology.

Build a residual-based portfolio

AgoraCapital allows you to keep the upside as the auto loan pays out.

Sell the car and create the retail installment contract like you do today. Then send the contract to Agora rather than your current indirect lender. You keep the finance profit that your current lender earns.

 Keep your profit. It’s that simple!

AgoraCapital is a line of credit that offers low-cost capital to fund more non-prime auto customers.

Designed by auto dealers for auto dealers, we give you the funding to buy and sell more cars. With AgoraCapital, you earn your gross profit on the sale of the car and the finance profit on the creation of the loan. We handle the heavy-lifting by funding and servicing your loans, freeing you up to focus on buying and selling cars.

Viable path to profit

AgoraCapital is designed to ensure that you see your residuals as customers make their payments.

Transparent program

Our team will be in constant contact to assist in underwriting, loan servicing, and portfolio management.

No excessive or surprise fees

With no hidden fees, the AgoraCapital program parameters are designed to give you full confidence in seeing your profit.

Fast contract funding

Receive your funding faster with our eContracting platform.

Sell your own F&I products

Sell any F&I product of your choice. Keep your customers and their vehicles protected for the life of the loan.

Finance company revenue

Earn the finance company revenue you've been giving away by collecting residual revenue on every loan you write.

Low cost capital

Finance more non-prime customers and sell more cars.

The AgoraCapital program is a line of credit that scales with you. Fuel your ability to thrive, compete, and keep the income that you currently generate for others.

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Last year, AgoraCapital paid out more than 7% in residuals to dealers over the original advance, and there is a lot more to come.

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7 percent distribution

Artificial intelligence powered by human experience.

Our machine learning models are trained with one of the nation’s largest data sets: over $350 billion in auto loan principal balance, enabling you to achieve scalpel-like predictability.

Our technology, financial tools, industry experience, and capital enable you to build a non-prime auto portfolio. Keep the profits you’re giving away today.

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Start Making More with AgoraCapital.

Get access to abundant low-cost capital.

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Agora Data’s mission is to enable every car dealer to be a finance company. 

Agora is the only lender that financially engineers a structure for dealers to be their own finance company, providing all of the technology and capital required. AgoraCapital provides abundant upside potential.

Our programs easily integrate with existing auto loan portfolios.  

A loan originator can exit and stop sending loans at any time. 

Agora provides the capital to fund your loans, loan servicing, and guidance to help maximize your portfolio performance. This includes underwriting, compliance, and portfolio/cash/asset management. 

Start Making More With AgoraCapital

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