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AgoraCapital is the auto industry’s first reducing rate line of credit, offering unlimited capital to fuel growth. Interest rates are guaranteed to decrease over time and become the lowest fixed rate possible. Low rates allow dealers to keep more of their profit.

A revolutionary line of credit

The interest rate you pay is guaranteed to decrease over time

Drive your success with confidence, as AgoraCapital guarantees every loan funded with a path to the lowest possible fixed interest rate. Agora contractually guarantees you that over time your rate will decrease and become a fixed interest rate.

AgoraCapital interest rate

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Drive mind-blowing growth

Leverage the largest line of credit in the industry coupled with the highest advance to give you a competitive advantage and drive sales.

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Dramatically reduce your costs

Interest rates constantly decrease over time and as you grow. No origination or unused line fees. AgoraCapital is a line of credit that's geared to enhance your revenue and bottom line.

Securely run your business

Confidently drive your success, without the financial risk of a personal guaranty or real estate pledge. Never lose sleep or worry about extensive financial and underwriting restrictions.

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Fast contract funding

Send in the loans as soon as you sell the vehicle. No monthly restrictions. Agora will fund the loans within 5 business days. No other line of credit offers weekly funding. Why wait until the end of the month to draw money?

Data-driven insights

Our patent pending technology gives you complete detailed reporting on all the loans submitted and is back tested with $76 billion of subprime data. Grow and build wealth with confidence.

Uncapped growth

You are empowered with an abundant line of credit to fuel your ability to generate wealth, grow and compete. If you need more, we will increase it. Be an entrepreneur and grow your business your way.

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World class support

Scalable customer support

As your business grows and evolves, so does your support. Collections are handled by a team of industry experts, with your input – giving you the freedom to focus on more sales.

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Get A.I. driven analytics

AgoraInsights is a powerful tool that helps you to reach your financial goals, grow your business, and increase the value of your auto loan portfolio. The best part is that this is all available to you at no cost.

Bulk purchase program

AgoraTrade is the on-demand answer to quickly sell your auto loans. Ensure your business always has access to quick capital. Stop dealing with only a few buyers and learn how AgoraTrade can get you more money.

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