Originate auto loans and submit them to AgoraCapital.

Submit your best subprime auto loans to the AgoraCapital program as you originate them. Following our best practice guidelines ensures that your portfolio will perform as projected.

We’re connected with Dealertrack and RouteOne for fast and efficient eContracting.

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We extend an advance, providing you with upfront capital.

AgoraCapital provides you with the capital to sell more cars. Finance more subprime customers and make more money.

How AgoraCapital Works - Advance

We handle all of the collections and servicing.

AgoraCapital’s best-in-class suite of vendors and internal processes for loan servicing and collections frees you up to sell more cars.
How AgoraCapital Works - Servicing
Get paid

Customers make their payments and you earn the excess Net Cashflow on the loans your dealership originates.

Your dealership could be making $10,000 on each subprime deal without changing anything about your current operations. Keep the revenue that you are sending to others today.

How AgoraCapital Works - Get Paid

Start Making More with AgoraCapital.

Get access to abundant low-cost capital.

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Agora is the only lender that allows you to keep the profit you currently give away to subprime lenders. Agora also provides all of the technology, reporting, and capital required.

Agora provides full servicing from the onboarding of the loan, including customer service, collections, payment processing, insurance tracking, collateral file management, asset remarketing, robust reporting, and portfolio management.

The AgoraCapital program provides a maximum of $50 million.  

Start Making More With AgoraCapital

Get access to unlimited, low-cost capital to use any way you want. See if AgoraCapital would benefit your business.

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