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A safe and sound way of acquiring a high-yielding liquid portfolio of auto loans.

Our whole loan purchasing program is fully turnkey.

Acquire a custom-made portfolio of seasoned auto loans directly from our platform to yours.

With a diverse pool of auto loan originators and full loan servicing and collections, AgoraTrade is an end-to-end portfolio solution.
Buy with confidence

Reduce your risk by avoiding early payment defaults.

All auto loans made available for the AgoraTrade whole loan purchase program are initially purchased by Agora Data or an affiliate. We season the loans, reducing the risk of early payment defaults, and most of the front-end of the loss curve.

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No servicing transfer

Efficient acquisition cost.

Acquire $5 million to $50 million principal balance of auto loans as a bulk purchase. We have a large and diverse pool of loans used to create a custom portfolio just for you. AgoraTrade has thousands of loan originators in its ecosystem, reducing the concentration of risk.

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Predictable performance

Own subprime auto loans with predictable cash flows and cumulative net losses.

All auto loans in the AgoraTrade program go through extensive underwriting and due diligence using time-tested, data-backed models. Thousands of simulations are run monthly on each loan on our platform, producing extremely predictable performance.

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Stay in the driver’s seat

No brokers. No bidding.

Don’t compete against other bidders to purchase an auto loan portfolio. We’ve eliminated the need for a broker, as each portfolio is tailor-made, specifically for you with your desired yield.
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We build a turnkey, tailor-made portfolio of seasoned loans based on your criteria, already on our platform.

Stay in the driver’s seat

Become a subprime auto investor.

AgoraTrade’s portfolio of seasoned loans are ideal for mitigating risk while investing in subprime auto. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, AgoraTrade makes subprime auto as predictable as prime.

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