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AgoraTrade has developed proprietary Reverse Inquiry technology to enable a prospective buyer to own high yielding auto loans without the need to invest equity into an origination platform, create a trust, hire a trustee, portfolio manager or servicer.

Agora is API integrated with thousands of originators with billions in loan principal. Utilizing our Reverse Inquiry feature, you can build a custom portfolio. AgoraTrade provides a fully turnkey solution for any type of purchaser. Agora handles everything from sourcing and acquisition to liquidation.

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The Process

Since we are API integrated with thousands of originators, we receive loan, collateral and borrower data refreshed daily. As a prospective loan buyer, you tell us your criteria for an unlevered IRR and our proprietary Reverse Inquiry technology along with our AI-infused Monte Carlo valuation model will select loans to create a custom portfolio meeting your criteria.

Once you are satisfied with the portfolio as identified, Agora presents a proposal to the originator utilizing AgoraInsights. Upon acceptance of the proposal, Agora re-runs the full refreshed loan data through our valuation and risk model and shares with the buyer full loan and portfolio stratifications, loss curves, cash flow, expected returns and the recommended purchase price. Upon buyer approval, Agora presents a formal bid to the originator and secures the portfolio for due diligence.


Counter-Party Due Diligence

Upon an accepted bid, each originator will go through the AgoraCertified Gold program. Gold certification includes a review of originator financials and a review to confirm compliance with applicable state licensing and regulatory, as well as internet searches, tax, litigation, lien and criminal searches. In addition, Agora performs a reputational assessment. Upon receiving Agora Certified Gold status originators will be reviewed quarterly to maintain their Agora Certified Gold Status.


Loan, Portfolio and Data Due Diligence

Every loan in the portfolio is reviewed by a due diligence analyst. We do not perform due diligence based on a statistical sample size. Loan documents such as the retail installment contract, title, credit application and other ancillary documents are reviewed to ensure proper execution and completeness.

All loans are re-aged and re-amortized utilizing refreshed data. Interest methods are verified and recalculated. Collection notes are reviewed for impairments and transaction histories are reviewed for proper posting of interest, principal and other fees.


The Model

AgoraTrade utilizes an AI-infused Monte Carlo valuation and risk model built with inputs and outputs from billions of dollars in principal balance of fully liquidated loans purchased by members of the Agora team. The Agora Monte Carlo runs 10,000 iterations on each loan and accurately projects cash flow and losses.


The Structure

Agora has set up a trust with master purchase and sale agreements with the underlying originators. Agora has engaged two of the top service providers in the U.S. to be the portfolio manager and the master servicer for the trust. Agora will deliver to you a certificate reflecting your interest in your portfolio. There is no co-mingling of loans as between different purchasers.


The Data and the DMS Integration

Agora is API integrated with the originators’ dealer management system (DMS) enabling Agora to receive a daily refresh of loan, collateral and borrower data including collection notes and transaction histories.

Immediately upon an integration, Agora models the portfolios. Each day the model updates risk and price utilizing the most up-to-date refreshed data. Vehicle values are pulled from industry standard vehicle value guides. Agora places the data in a standardized format for ease of use.

In addition to the data from the originator we receive data from a variety or outside sources. No company other than Agora has such data on a loan level basis hosted in a single platform.

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