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AgoraTrade allows you to sell your auto loans to a market of banks, hedge funds, and private investors. Have an unexpected opportunity or need cash? AgoraTrade is the on-demand answer to quickly sell your auto loans. Ensure your business always has access to quick capital. Stop dealing with only a few buyers and learn how AgoraTrade can get you more money.

AgoraTrade Proposal
AgoraTrade Proposal
AgoraTrade Proposal
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Offers that are currently available on AgoraTrade

AgoraTrade Proposal
AgoraTrade Proposal

Exclusive access to Wall Street buyers

Sell your auto loans to help manage cash flow

Selling your receivables allows you to raise cash quickly and cover short-term expenses. 

No fees to sell your auto loans

Buyers cover all transaction fees on AgoraTrade – saving you money every time you sell.

Your portfolio - Your choice

Select which loans you want to sell

Liquidate a selection or your entire portfolio. You control every aspect of the transaction and can independently negotiate terms.

AgoraTrade Proposal
AgoraTrade Proposal
AgoraTrade Proposal
AgoraTrade Proposal
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Ready to Sell

Control your experience

Get same-day offers for your paper

To reach more potential buyers, you can mark yourself as ‘Ready to Sell.’ Your auto loans will be promoted above others, increasing the number of buyers who see and engage with your loans.

A simplified selling experience

where you control the process

Remain anonymous as a seller

Secure with no pressure and no obligations

Virtually connect with buyers actively competing for your business.

We keep you and your information confidential so you can explore the market at your own pace. Always know who you are talking to, which auto loans are in discussion and how much they are worth. 

Connect your DMS, or send us a data file

Get started today

Before you can post your auto loans for sale, we need to access the data. Start receiving proposals from buyers the moment you connect your dealer management system or send us a data file.

Discover the many ways our other innovative solutions can help you accelerate success

A revolutionary line of credit

AgoraCapital guarantees every loan funded with a path to the lowest possible fixed interest rate. Agora contractually guarantees you that over time your rate will decrease and become a fixed interest rate.

Get A.I. driven analytics

AgoraInsights is a powerful tool that helps you to reach your financial goals, grow your business, and increase the value of your auto loan portfolio. The best part is that this is all available to you at no cost.

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