Agora Data Welcomes Becky Chernek, Bolstering F&I Expertise in Subprime Automotive Finance Solutions


Agora Data, a leading fintech company specializing in delivering technology, capital, and guidance with predictable loan performance and analytics tailored for the subprime automotive sector, is pleased to welcome Becky Chernek as Area Sales Manager. With a distinguished background in finance and insurance (F&I), Becky brings invaluable expertise to Agora Data, offering a proven perspective on optimizing dealership operations and profitability. Her thoughtful insights empower dealers to explore innovative approaches to mitigate lost profits and unlock new revenue streams.

“Becky’s profound understanding of the automotive landscape, coupled with her strategic insights and coaching abilities, make her a valuable asset to any dealership looking to maximize revenue and enhance performance,” said Chris Barry, Senior Vice President of Agora Data.

“Her unwavering commitment to dealer success seamlessly aligns with our mission at Agora: to revolutionize the ‘F’ in F&I, turning finance revenue into a source of wealth for dealerships rather than relinquishing profits to lenders,” said Chris.

“Agora Data is fundamentally reshaping the landscape for auto dealers, providing turnkey financing solutions that drastically enhance dealers’ revenue streams,” said Becky Chernek, Area Sales Manager at Agora Data. “It’s incredibly fulfilling to be a trusted industry resource and showcase Agora’s capabilities that enables any car dealer capture lost profit and product sales opportunities, a distinct competitive advantage unmatched elsewhere. Agora is leading the charge in reshaping automotive finance, helping dealers not only preserve their profits but thrive even as margins tighten. This is a testament to Agora’s visionary approach and commitment to driving positive change in the auto industry.”

Becky brings an impressive pedigree in the auto industry to her role, having served as the Platform F&I Development Director at Phil Smith Auto Group in her most recent position. Her experience spans renowned organizations such as JM&A, AutoNation, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, NCM Institute, NADA 20 Group, Automotive Dealership Institute, Sym-Tech Dealer Services, and more. With over thirty years of firsthand experience in retail automotive, Becky’s experience covers every facet of the industry, from sales to desking, and notably as a Director of Finance at leading automotive groups across the United States. Her track record as an income development specialist and performance coach has enabled hundreds of dealerships nationwide to reach previously untapped levels of success.

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About Agora Data, Inc.

Agora Data, Inc. is an automotive industry fintech revolutionizing financing for car dealers and finance companies. Car dealerships can secure affordable capital to build their own non-prime captive finance company, obtain actionable loan performance data to improve their lending portfolios, and use a wide range of solutions to grow their business safely. Powered by patent pending artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology, car dealers can access real-time data analytics and planning resources to help optimize the performance of their portfolios. Agora Data made history by closing the first-ever crowdsourced non-prime auto securitization in 2020 and continually brings groundbreaking financing solutions to an underserved market. For more information, visit www.agoradata.com.

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