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Agora Data Integrates With ABCoA Dealer Management System, Increases Reach of Services for BHPH Dealer Community

Agora Data, Inc., a finance solution provider of predictive loan technology, announced today its integration with Advanced Business Computers of America, Inc. (“ABCoA”) Deal Pack. ABCoA’s Deal Pack is a leading provider of dealer management software solutions (“DMS”) to automotive dealers, helping to manage all facets of their operation in one system. The addition of Deal Pack expands Agora’s integrated DMS partnerships to cover over 80% of the BHPH community.

“Great partners make great solutions,” stated Steve Burke, CEO, Agora Data. “Deal Pack and Agora bring industry-changing solutions to BHPH dealers and auto finance companies by providing a range of operational options and more insights to help grow their business. Already in action, Agora is helping Deal Pack members identify ways to increase profits, convert loans to cash and access low-interest funding through capital markets.”

To get started, Agora suggests members connect to AgoraInsights, which is the first of its kind portfolio and loan valuation tool. Using Agora Insights’ 360-degree view of their business, combined with Deal Pack’s fully integrated sales, finance, and service modules, BHPH dealers are empowered with the resources needed to develop plans for their biggest asset, their loan portfolios.

“At ABCoA, we believe integrations help to create an even more complete solution for our customers,” stated Jonathan Hedy, President, ABCoA. “The Agora platform was designed by a team with extensive experience in retail-auto lending and BHPH originations. Our integration with Agora provides access to liquidity and incredibly powerful analytics, giving our dealers a whole new level of control over their portfolio.”

Agora’s platform has revolutionized the secondary market for auto loans since its launch in April 2017. It continues to transform data, analytics, and liquidity solutions for the BHPH and auto finance community. Steve Burke added, “Joining forces with Deal Pack expands Agora’s ability to bring empowerment to an even larger share of the BHPH dealer and auto finance market.”

About ABCoA Deal Pack: Advanced Business Computers of America Inc. develops and supports end-to-end software solutions for the subprime automotive and finance industry. Since 1983, Advanced Business Computers of America has helped automotive dealerships and finance companies eliminate duplication, remain compliant, and achieve success with dependable, all-in-one software and white-glove service and support. For more information about ABCoA Deal Pack, please contact 800.536.5832 or email

About Agora Data, Inc.: Agora is re-inventing auto finance for BHPH dealers and finance companies. Founded in 2017 by a best-in-class team of professionals with experience from top financial and technology organizations, the company has successfully combined billions in historical loan performance data with experiences from top executives in auto finance to develop its AI-Infused predictive loan technology and modeling. Agora’s development of an easy-to-use platform with actionable dashboards provides direct access to the untapped BHPH auto market connecting dealers, sub-prime buyers, and capital market lenders with results-driven opportunities for growth and access to capital. For more information, please contact Agora at (877) 592-4672 or

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