Your Direct Access To High Yielding Non-Prime Auto Loans

AgoraTrade is an online transactional marketplace developed specifically for hedge funds and family offices. Search and create a custom portfolio with access to analytics, due diligence and servicing all wrapped up into a low cost fully turnkey platform.

Turnkey Solutions

From searching for auto loans to servicing those acquired assets, our platform takes care of every step of the process making it simple for you.

Available Assets

Get direct access to over $2 billion integrated non-prime auto loans within our platform to choose from.

Customized Portfolio

AgoraTrade allows you to build custom portfolios to craft your own return, duration, risk profile, and size (no max or min).


Industry leading performance modeling and portfolio management analytics for your success.

Agora Solves Common Investor Challenges

"With so much operational risk, we don't want to invest in a platform just to get the assets."

"I am tired of the food fights. A good deal comes to market, there is a feeding-frenzy and everyone goes away hungry for assets and a return."

Hedge Funds

“Single originator risk doesn’t align with our investment strategy. We require diversification across an asset class.”

“All the “good deals” are too big for us.”

Family Offices

Your Turnkey Solution

From searching for auto loans to servicing those acquired assets, our platform takes care of every step of the process making it simple for you.

Identify & Price

Have it your way by defining your unlevered return, duration and risk profile.

AgoraTrade searches over 5,000 originators’ auto loan portfolios and identifies your desired assets.

AgoraTrade takes your bid to the identified originators and acquires those assets.


Own non-prime auto loans through Agora’s master trust – no need to create your holding entity.

Take advantage of Agora’s due diligence and ongoing portfolio management services for your non-prime auto assets.


No need to reinvent the wheel!

AgoraTrade provides your solution for servicing by partnering with one of the largest, independent finance companies in the US.


Hedge Funds
Family Offices

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Your information is secure, confidential, and never sold to anyone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In ancient Greece “The Agora” was the gathering or marketplace for all to buy and sell their goods, meet and to discuss community and political issues.

Today, Agora is your marketplace to buy, sell and analyze auto loans in a cloud-based, encrypted platform or “forum”.

AgoraTrade was developed as a gateway to allow buyers, who cannot access high-yield returns in auto loans, direct access to this sector.

AgoraTrade provides innovative access to this asset class and delivers a turnkey solution to help you to get your desired returns.

AgoraTrade is API (application programming interface​) integrated with all of the major dealer management systems (DMS) in the market.  Through these integrations Agora gets full data directly from the DMS to our database.

We receive full loan level data that includes, but not limited to;  borrower, collateral and loan demographic information.

All collateral securing the loans is run though third-party auction databases to determine up-to-date valuations on underlying vehicles that is then used to calculate a loan-to-value (LTV). In addition, AgoraTrade will perform a “soft pull” credit score on the underlying obligor to refresh credit rating as another input to the overall valuation calculations.

We utilize various database services like LexisNexis to run tax, litigation, lien and financial information on counter-party due diligence.  Additionally, we utilize proprietary web, social media, and previous experience reviews.

Agora utilizes certain companies for portfolio management, loan due diligence and loan servicing.  Our vendors are best-in-class in the auto sector. Our servicer is well established and one of the largest independent auto servicers in the U.S.

No. All loans are closed in the Agora master trust and the trustee is a national bank which benefits from federal preemption over state licensing.

Agora has created advanced regression models using billions in auto loans. They have been used and retro-validated for 5 years and comprise Monte Carlo simulations, machine learning, and AI.

None. Agora provides turnkey expertise with robust cash flows, and a full suite of tools.

Some of the failures were due to the PE or hedge fund buying equity in a platform rather than purchasing the assets. Agora and our sophisticated structures allow you to own the assets separately from the platform.

Closing is with an escrow company and all payments paid by the borrowers under the loans go to lockbox for the master servicer and then pass through the trustee for distribution.

None. You will receive monthly certified statements, deposits to your account, and comprehensive reporting that includes cash flows and a loss curve. All of this is auditable by you at any time. 

We have billions in auto loans integrated into our platform. You simply make your selection based on the criteria important to you (e.g. pool size, targeted return, etc.) and Agora’s search tools identify loans satisfying those criteria.

Upon fulfillment you can export and review as much or as little as you like. If you are happy with your selection, Agora will then begin the full due diligence process on your behalf.

Yes. Before you even see a loan hit the fulfillment request, we have vetted the sellers. In some cases the sellers are also AgoraCertified.

Agora’s platform has created a proprietary method for the aggregation of loans from multiple originators.  Additionally, our expertise in purchasing over $20 billion in auto loans, servicing, and legal has positioned us as your subject matter experts.

No. The portfolio that is fulfilled is customized by you and based on your preferred return and risk profile. You are NOT positioned against other potential buyers – all bidding on the same offered pool. It is yours if you want it as your selection may be a small piece of the available inventory. 

Example: you select $10 million from over $1 billion.

Yes. We can give a full set of documents to your counsel and tax advisors. The structure we choose should be familiar to any capital market/securities attorney and CPA’s.

Yes. You will have access to build deals without actually placing a live offer or confirmation.


We have received your information and will contact you with the details on how to get in line for these exciting new products.