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Steve Burke

Credit Lines Now Available

We’re incredibly excited to unveil another game-changing funding solution for the auto industry, AgoraCredit – a redefined credit line providing the perfect transition for those wanting to participate in AgoraCapital and access capital market funding.

By eliminating cash restrictions, you have the financial freedom to dream big and experience tremendous business growth.

Steve Burke

CEO - Agora Data

Get the Cash You Need

Start Your Journey to Business Growth

AgoraCredit Bridges the Transition to Capital Financing

Your Operations

• High-interest rates
• Personal guarantee
• Pledged real estate
• At risk for entire loan amount
• Tied to senior lender
• Limited growth opportunity
• Capital limitations
• Increasing regulations and
   compliance requirements

Freedom to participate in a new
   funding channel
• Pay off your senior lender or
   credit line
• A way to easily transition into
• Favorable rates and advances

 Get cash from capital markets
• Triple your portfolio
• Non-recourse advance
• Uncapped reoccurring growth
• Low-interest rates
• No personal guarantees
• No pledged real estate

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Dream Big in 2021

Offering a new industry-changing funding channel that provides all the cash you need to grow your portfolio and new originations.

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