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About Agora

For decades, our senior leadership team operated in the retail auto and auto finance space. While we enjoyed the flexibility and entrepreneurial nature of working in that environment, we experienced first-hand the challenges of not having access to the substantial resources such as sophisticated modeling, technology, liquidity and access to capital that the larger institutionalized companies enjoyed. Conversely, several of our senior leaders have served on the institutional side of the business in banking and capital markets and enjoyed the benefits of such resources yet suffered from operating in an inflexible and often bureaucratic environment.

Agora was created as the bridge that gives dealers and finance companies the best of both worlds. We achieved this goal by assembling a team of auto retail and finance industry experts and top data scientists, specializing in artificial intelligence to create Agora, the game-changing platform for the BHPH dealer and auto finance participants.

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Our Mission

In 2017, we embarked on a mission to develop a software platform with a single goal in mind. Our mission is to empower independent and BHPH auto dealers and auto finance companies to continue in that innovative spirit, but now with the same access to liquidity, capital, and sophisticated tools used by the larger dealer groups and institutions.

Why Agora?

Why did we name our company Agora? In ancient Greece, the “agora” was a central gathering place in the city where citizens would assemble to learn, interact, and do business. Now, with Agora Data, the dealer and finance community have one central gathering place.

Our People Fuel the Engine

Our senior leadership team has been in the auto finance industry for decades. Having spent over 30 years in the retail auto and BHPH business, our team has operated some of the nation’s largest finance companies, service organizations, and banks. With experience as both a buyer and originator of subprime auto paper, your company will always be in good hands.
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Combined experience in retail-auto lending and BHPH originations
$ 0 Billion
Collectively purchased in secondary auto lending by the Agora Team


Meet the Agora Team

Agora Team | Steve Burke

Chief Executive Officer

Agora Team | Chris Hawke

Chief Revenue/Legal Officer

Agora Team | Daniel Burke

Chief Technology Officer

Agora Team | Chris Barry

SVP - Sales


SVP - Data Science

Agora Team | Jim Bass

SVP - Finance

Agora Team | Shelly Vandeven

Shelly Vandeven

SVP - Marketing

Agora Team | Liam Olohan

Liam Olohan

VP - Marketing

Agora Team | Mark Sena

Mark Sena

VP - Strategic Relationships

Matt Carr

VP & Controller

Agora Team | Ryan Perkins

Ryan Perkins

AVP - Brand & Digital Marketing

Agora Team | Lou Kailer

Lou Kailer

AVP - Portfolio Strategy

Agora Team | Ken Gurtner

Ken Gurtner

AVP - Portfolio Strategy

Agora Team | Bill Campbell

Bill Campbell

AVP - Portfolio Strategy

Justin Stokes

AVP - Portfolio Strategy

Kyle Flanagan

AVP - Data Science

Rich Abanilla

AVP - Compliance

Agora Team | Joelle Norling

Joelle Norling

Executive ASsistant

Gustavo Raskosky

Marketing Designer

Agora Team | Peter Wright

Peter Wright

Deal Coordinator

Agora Team | Kyle Evans

Kyle Evans

Deal Coordinator

Agora Team | Justin Dodson

Justin Dodson

Software Engineer

Agora Team | Walter


Chief Woof Officer

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