Agora Data Joins the Fixed Ops Roundtable: 90’s Rewind! Presented by Ted Ings

Gear up for an engaging conversation! Agora Data takes the spotlight at the Fixed Ops Roundtable: 90s Rewind, brought to you by Ted Ings. We’ve got an on-demand video of the panel discussion with Steve Burke, Chad Stilwell, and Becky Chernek as they delve into Agora’s universe and the future landscape of subprime auto finance.

Key Takeaways


1. Agora Data offers a unique value proposition for car dealers by enabling them to act as their own finance company. By signing consumers up for vehicle retail installment contracts and assigning these auto loans to Agora, dealers can retain full residual income, which is typically earned by traditional finance companies. This approach seeks to enhance the dealers’ profit margins and offers a novel way for dealers to manage financial transactions directly.

2. Agora Data’s services can help dealers recoup lost gross profits and optimize financial operations in a changing market. As car dealerships face challenges like reduced gross profits and inventory issues, Agora proposes solutions that help them establish more deals and develop loyal customer bases, ultimately leading to more sales and improved profit margins.

3. Agora enhances its financial offerings with robust technology that aids dealers in structuring auto loans for maximum profitability. The platform provides a dashboard that allows dealers to monitor cash flows and overall performance, enabling better decision-making and financial management at the dealership level.

About Agora Data, Inc.

Agora Data, Inc. is an automotive industry fintech revolutionizing financing for car dealers and finance companies. Car dealerships can secure affordable capital to build their own non-prime captive finance company, obtain actionable loan performance data to improve their lending portfolios, and use a wide range of solutions to grow their business safely. Powered by patent pending artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology, car dealers can access real-time data analytics and planning resources to help optimize the performance of their portfolios. Agora Data made history by closing the first-ever crowdsourced non-prime auto securitization in 2020 and continually brings groundbreaking financing solutions to an underserved market. For more information, visit

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