Agora Press Release

Agora Data Advances Technology

ARLINGTON, Texas, December 14, 2021

Agora Data, inventor of the first-ever crowdsourced securitization and reducing interest rate line of credit for the auto industry, recently fueled its technology platform, AgoraInsights, with more robust reporting functionality, historical trends, and real-time data. The added features provide a vital resource for an underbanked and underserved industry by making data-driven analytics easily accessible, and free of charge to all members. Agora seeks to enable auto dealers and small to mid-sized finance companies to have better analytics into their portfolio’s performance and value, and as a result, make more effective business decisions.

The recent AgoraInsights enhancements, based on input obtained from Agora customers and industry experts, fulfill an important need for more knowledge to plan strategically and proactively. The easy-to-use dashboards display both high-level as well as detailed information with impactful graphics including make and body style, most sold vehicle, age of collateral, repossessed most often, highest down payment, loan valuation, loan delinquency, and more. In addition to the enhanced reporting capabilities, dealers can compare their portfolio’s performance with national and regional trends.

“It is our goal to continuously improve, create, and organize data-driven information so our customers are on the forefront of industry trends and can better understand the key drivers that impact their portfolio’s performance,” said Zach Maynard, SVP of Product, Agora Data. “Agora makes available to customers the ability to utilize data-rich reporting to determine the cars that perform well, or poorly, in their region and use the information to ultimately better manage their business.”

“Data science provides the backbone for all our industry-changing solutions. We’ve back-tested and trained our models with over $15 billion of loan data creating predictability and accuracy using artificial intelligence and machine learning,” said Steve Burke, CEO of Agora Data. “Reimagining auto finance with industry-changing solutions is helping dealers establish best practices and gain the freedom and resources to build wealth.”

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