Proposals Explained

Non-Binding Proposals

Join Agora CEO, Steve Burke, as he demos the new proposal system and explains how it allows buyers to show interest in a group of selected loans without a formal commitment to purchase. It opens the door and gives that informed “back of the envelope” price to the Originator.

Proposals make it easy to send out indications of interest without wasting the time and money required for a formal bid. Using proposals, buyers are able to quickly assess an originator’s interest level in a potential transaction.  In addition, by using proposals, buyers can solicit multiple originators at once without the risk of overcommitting themselves.


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Learn More About AgoraInsights

AgoraInsights gives buyers the ability to extend offers to buy any loan on our platform. No longer limited to an originator’s posting a portfolio, buyers can filter and create their desired portfolios from an inventory of billions of dollars in available receivables.

Stop wasting days or weeks working to hunt down portfolios that seldom meet expectations. Create your own with AgoraInsights.

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