Agora Blog | COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Agora family,

We are continually adapting our operations and business to best serve car dealerships. Your wellbeing continues to be our top priority, and our team is working tirelessly to ensure that you have everything you need to remain informed, confident, and empowered.

We are working around the clock to release AgoraInsights in the coming weeks to ensure that every dealership in the industry has free access to: 

  • Personalized Analytics and Reporting
    We provide critical analysis of your portfolio to assess its ongoing performance. We will inform you whether certain loans are at risk of default and provide actionable feedback to improve your returns. This tool will help guide decision-making and allow your dealership to investigate and solve any identified issues. 
  • Industry Leading Insights and Benchmarking
    Keep track of daily changes happening within the auto industry, and monitor the ongoing adjustments made by other dealerships. Whether you are looking for general industry information or want to compare your dealership to others, our benchmarking tool is updated daily to make sure the information is always accurate. 
  • Efficient Access to Liquidity
    If you are interested in liquidating some or all of your portfolio, we provide access to an exceptional network of trustworthy buyers willing to compete for your paper. Our platform prevents buyers from seeing non-publicly identifiable loan data, so your identity will remain anonymous until you are ready to sell. In good times and bad, access to accurate information remains essential.

Our team is standing by to support you, your family, and dealership in any way that we can.

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