Why are you giving the profit you generated to subprime lenders?

Agora allows you to keep the profit you're giving away to your subprime lenders. The best part is that you don’t have to change your dealership's existing operations.

Did you know that up to

$ 0

profit is not captured per sale?

You’re handing this profit to your subprime lenders on every retail installment contract you sell them.
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Agora's Loan Structure
  • Up to $50,000 Amount Financed
  • Up to 10 year old vehicles
  • Up to 145% LTV
  • Up to 72 months term
  • Up to 135,000 miles
  • Finance Ancillary products

Example Transaction Comparison



Amount Financed



Loan to Value (LTV)



Net Check / Day 1 Advance



Lifetime Excess Net Cashflow



This isn't Buy Here, Pay Here
eContracting via DealerTrack or RouteOne
Risk mitigation backed by $7 billion of loan data
Analytics & performance optimization
Portfolio & cashflow management
Agora services & collects on your accounts
Receive a monthly payment flow

(Net of expenses and funding repayment)

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Agora is the only lender that provides a low risk, turn-key structure for dealers to earn excess net cashflow on the subprime loans they originate. AgoraCapital provides abundant upside potential.

Our programs easily integrate with existing auto loan portfolios.  

A loan originator can exit and stop sending loans at any time. 

Agora provides the capital to fund your loans, loan servicing, and guidance to help maximize your portfolio performance. This includes underwriting, compliance, and portfolio/cash/asset management. 

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