Selling Your Loans

Getting Started

Agora App

To start selling your loans, make sure your loan data is up to date on the Loan Data page. By default, your loans are listed for potential buyers to send you a proposal on the Agora platform.

To gain more attention for potential buyers to view your loans, click on the “Settings” button at the top. On this page, you can find a checkbox labeled “Ready to sell?” Select this option to let buyers know you are motivated to sell. While you can receive offers without checking “ready to sell” doing so prioritizes your portfolio above those who have not, increasing the frequency of interest.

Once you receive a proposal from a purchasing party, review the terms to see if you are interested in moving to a negotiation phase. Our platform operates on a bid/counter negotiation structure. When you come to terms and close the transaction, the buyer will enter closing details in our platform.

If you are no longer interested in selling, uncheck “ready to sell”. At Agora, we recommend anyone who sells periodically to leave “ready to sell” on as to receive the largest amount and most competitive offers on your portfolio.

What is a proposal?

Agora App

When a buyer is interested in purchasing your loans you’ll receive a proposal. To view your current proposals, click the “Offers” page in the navigation and scroll down to the “Proposals” section of the page.

Expand the proposal details by clicking the blue “View Details” button to the right. The buyer’s contact information is available to view and the details of the loans they’re wanting to purchase are listed below. A buyer also has the ability to leave a custom note regarding the purchase of your loans.

Accepting a proposal

To accept a buyer’s proposal click the “View Details” button of the proposal you’d like to accept. Then click the green “Accept Proposal” button at the bottom right of the screen.

Completing a sale

Completing a sale is easy. It is left up to the buyer to enter and submit closing details. It’s suggested to work closely with your relationship manager to ensure a smooth process upon the completion of your sale.