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Overview Page

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The Overview page is accessed in the home page navigation once you’ve logged into your Agora account. The Overview page contains quick access to your active bids and proposals, your account activity, and portfolio insights.

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Your Bids/Proposals

Quickly access your current list of bids and proposals from buyers. This is a top level reminder of your current loans that are listed for sale with a reminder of how long until the bid or proposal expires.

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Your Activity

Available Loans displays how many available loans you currently have uploaded to Agora.

Loans Appearing In Search displays your loans that have been viewed by potential buyers.

Loans In Negotiation are how many of your loans that are currently in the bid or proposal stage of being purchased by a buyer.

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Portfolio Insights

Learn the difference in your current valuation of your portfolio compared to your total principal. You are able to see how many car loans, average loan to value, average principal balance, and average seasoning you have that make up this value.

To view your portfolio growth over time, click the drop down menu above the graph. Filter between “all time”, “Last 6 Months”, “Last 3 Months”, “This Year”, “This Month.”


Insights Page

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The Insights page is accessed in the home page navigation once you’ve logged into your Agora account. The Insights page contains Valuation Comparison, Loan Insights, Loan Filters, Individual Loan Details, Strats, and Benchmarking Stats.

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Valuation Comparison

With this tool you are able to compare two loans side-by-side. By comparing the loans with each other you can learn what factors positively and negatively effect their valuation. Click “Shuffle Loan Comparison” to randomly generate two new loans to compare.

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Filterable Loan Insights

Insights features three green boxes that display how many loans are in your portfolio, the current valuation of your loans, and your principal. These all change based on your intended filtered results.

Filters is collapsed by default. To expand this section click on the title “Filters.” Filter your loan inventory to view insights on specific results. You can filter based on Payment Schedule, Status, Delinquency, State, Remaining Term, Seasoning, Loan to Value.

Loan Details is also collapsed by default. To expand this section click on the title “Loan Details.” This is a detailed list of your individual loans uploaded to Agora. This list will also change based on your intended filtered results. To sort these loans from lowest-to-highest or highest-to-lowest click on the green title (ie. “Valuation Low”) above the section. You are also able to export a detailed loan data list by clicking “Download” at the top right.

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Strats, or Loan Stratifications, are a displayed in a visually comprehensive dashboard that tracks, analyzes and displays important loan statistics. Quickly review information based on your filtered search results such as vehicle Make Breakdown, Body Style Breakdown, Age Of Collateral, Loan Delinquency, Seasoning, and Remaining Term.

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Benchmarking Stats

Compare your dealership to the rest of the industry by viewing important stats like Average Amount Financed, Average APR, Average Loan To Value, Average Term, Average Payment Frequency, and Average Down Payment. This information changes based on your filtered search results.

Offers Page

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The Offers page is accessed in the home page navigation once you’ve logged into your Agora account. The Offers page contains your current and closed/expired negotiations and proposals on your loans from buyers. You can view more details about each individual negotiation or proposal as well.

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Offer Negotiations

View your loans currently in negotiation with buyers. To learn more about the details of the negotiation click the blue “View Details” button on the right. The details show what makes up the loan offering and includes your bid history with the buyer.

To reject, counter, or accept a bid on your loan make sure “View Details” is expanded. At the bottom of the loan details section you can adjust the sale of your loan information to either reject, counter, or accept the buyer’s offering.

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Offer Proposals

When a buyer is interested in purchasing your loans you’ll receive a proposal. Expand the proposal details by clicking the blue “View Details” button to the right. The buyer’s contact information is available to view and the details of the loans they’re wanting to purchase are listed below. A buyer also has the ability to leave a custom note regarding the purchase of your loans.

To accept or reject the buyer’s proposal click the appropriate button at the bottom right of the screen.

Loan Data Page

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The Loan Data page is accessed in the home page navigation once you’ve logged into your Agora account. The Loan Data page contains information on your current loans and their history on the Agora platform. Your Loan Health, Loan Data, Loan List, and Loan Upload History can all be accessed on this page.

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Loan Health

To make sure your loan data is up to date check the Loan Health section. You can see when the last upload was made, your transaction history, and your collection notes. If you have additional loans to upload click the “Upload File” button to update your current loan list.

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Your Data

API Connection indicates whether or not your Agora account is API Connected to your dealer management system.

Your DMS shows that your API is connected to your dealer management system by displaying their logo.

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Your Loans

You can view all of your loans that are uploaded into Agora. You can sort these by ascending or descending by clicking the column title above the listed loans.

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View the history of your loans uploaded to Agora. You can sort these by clicking to toggle the green icons: Loan Data, Transaction History, and Collection Notes.

How do I export detailed loan data?

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To export a detailed loan data list, go to the Insights Page and expand the “Loan Details” section. From here you can click the “Download” text in the upper right hand area of the section. This exports a robust Excel file of all of your loan data and organizes them to view more information.

Understanding important Acronyms


Weighted Average Original Term – The dollar-weighted average of the original term of the loans in your portfolio.


Weighted Average Remaining Term – The the dollar-weighted average of the remaining term of the loans in your portfolio.


Weighted Average Coupon – The dollar-weighted average of the coupon (i.e. interest rate) of the loans in your portfolio.


Loan to Value – Ratio of the principal balance of a loan divided by the NADA value of the related vehicle securing such loan.

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