Simplifying the Selling Process

Selling Your Auto Loans

We bring the nation’s premier banks, finance companies, hedge funds, and private equity groups directly to you so that you always receive the most competitive offer.

Our vast experience and thorough understanding of the buying market, along with our robust modeling and analytical tools, allow us to help you grow your business and see larger net profits than ever before.

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We Take the Guesswork Out of the Selling Process

We provide a comprehensive valuation of your entire portfolio and every loan in it, so you can be confident that you are always getting the best offer.

Easily upload your auto loans from your dealer management system to our platform and get notified anytime someone is interested in your paper.

Whether you choose to sell or hold, you will always be in complete control over your portfolio.

Upload Your Loans

Directly upload your loans from your dealer management system, or manually send us a full loan file.

Assess Your Portfolio

Easily track changes in your portfolio's value to make sure you are always selling at the right time.

Maximize Returns

Buyers come directly to you. You are in complete control of your portfolio and can negotiate with interested buyers at your pace.

Get Offers On Your Auto Loans

Your data is secure and only visible to you. When a buyer is looking for auto loans to make a proposal, the buyer cannot see your non-publically identifiable loan data, and your identity as the current owner remains anonymous. Only when you accept a proposal does your information become available to the buyer to complete the sale.

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Quickly view the details of each loan proposal or negotiation on a loan-by-loan level.

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Integrate To Start Selling

Think of Agora as an extension of your current dealer management system – Making access to our platform straightforward and convenient. Never question if you are getting the best offer again.

When you integrate your dealer management system with Agora, you will gain full access to a comprehensive valuation of your existing portfolio and every loan in it.

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Don’t see your dealer management system listed?
Don’t let that stop you. Our onboarding team will help get your dealership connected.

More Agora Features

AgoraInsights provides comprehensive analytics and summary information that many institutional lenders pay millions to develop. These insights empower dealers to make more informed decisions, increase operational efficiencies, and maximize profits.

AgoraCapital connects dealers to the Capital Markets and provides an efficient Capital Facility with minimal loan covenants, high advance rates and very low interest rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All data is transmitted over SSL using 2048-bit encryption. Data is then further protected at the storage layer in the cloud. All users agree to a Terms of Use and a mutual non-disclosure of information. Before Agora, your loan data with non-public information often was emailed in a non-secure format.

Since you, as a seller, are anonymous none of your non-public information is shared with other members. Non-public information only becomes known to a potential buyer when you, seller, specifically permit it by accepting a buyer’s proposal to buy your loans. Once you permit your non-public information data to be shared it will only be shared with pre-approved loan buyers. This “reveal” will only last while you are in negotiations with a potential buyer. At close or expiration, your non-public information will be masked. 

Once you, as buyer extend a proposal or bid, only the respective owner of the loans on which you placed your bid or proposal will see that information.  Other potential buyers do see any of that information (including the fact that you extended a proposal in the first place).  On the seller side, the seller will see all the relevant information regarding your proposal (including your identity).  In other words, at the proposal stage, the seller’s identity remains anonymous to the buyer, but the buyer’s identity is not anonymous to the seller.

Currently, Agora only facilitates the trading/exchange of auto loans and auto retail installment contracts consisting of prime, near-prime, subprime, and BHPH. We also have buyers for bankruptcy, deficiency balance accounts, and charge-offs. All payment frequencies and interest methods are acceptable.

No. Since you are anonymous, buyers perform a search for loans and you will be notified should you receive a proposal. You are in full control and will set all terms.

No. Agora does not work with loan brokers and our services to potential sellers are free of charge.

No. A Seller can reject proposals or bids and a buyer can choose not to place a proposal or bid. Upon acceptance of a bid, both Buyer and Seller work together to close, and are subject only to the terms and conditions negotiated between the two parties. Agora is not part of those negotiations.

Agora does not represent any party to the transaction. Agora is simply the exchange and platform serving to unite both parties, and help facilitate the transaction by providing valuable machine learning tools.

*Please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more details.

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