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A New Way To Fuel Growth

AgoraCapital lends money to Buy Here Pay Here dealers at some of the lowest rates in America – Guaranteed.

If you can get your senior lender to match the checklist below, we will write you a check for $1,000.* But when they don’t, because they can’t, give us a call.


Agora Lender Challenge

If They Can Match Us... We'll Give You $1,000*

AgoraCapital vs Your Current Lender

Ask Your Current Commercial Lender If They Can Provide You Everything Agora Can.

We welcome you to take the Agora Lender Challenge when evaluating various options for obtaining capital and strategic support to help fuel growth for your dealership.

At Agora, we are changing the dynamics between dealers/finance companies and lenders. We understand the BHPH community has been underbanked and treated unfairly for years. BHPH dealers have had limited resources, expensive capital, and no guidance to help build the industry’s future. Until now.

We’ve provided a quick checklist of the questions you should be asking your current commercial lender. If they can match us on every checkbox, we would like to congratulate you and send a check for $1,000!*

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Your Commercial Lender

Improve Current Rates

Remove Financial Restrictions

Ability to Provide Additional Services

Free of Charge


See what BHPH dealers and finance companies are saying about Agora Data.

“The program is built around growth… and the opportunity is just phenomenal. If dealers stay on top of their business, and put good loans on the books, their life will change in a few years – a 10 year growth plan will bump down to a 2-3 year plan.. Agora Data allows dealers to grow that quickly.”

– Kerri & Steven

“I want to grow 10x more a year. This is going to give me more growth opportunities than I have ever dreamed of. I wouldn’t be able to do this without Agora, that’s for sure. This is the best opportunity that the Buy Here Pay Here industry can have.”

– Elshan

*Eligibility to receive the $1,000 award is subject to providing fully executed loan documents (and other service agreements) evidencing satisfaction of all Agora Lender Challenge items and is subject to Agora review. Terms subject to market conditions.

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