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Bringing Frazer Users Cutting Edge Tools

Think of Agora as an incredibly powerful extension of Frazer. We bring BHPH dealers powerful analytics, portfolio valuation, and insights of your existing auto loan portfolio. We also provide Frazer users access to affordable, industry-leading capital funding.

Our partnership with Frazer has made connecting your loan portfolio information easy.

CEO of Agora Data, Steve Burke, and Frazer’s Director of Business Development, Jake Morley, discuss historic changes happening within the Buy Here Pay Here industry and what dealers need to know if they want to experience radical business growth.


The Benefits of Connecting Frazer to Agora

Gain Access to the Biggest Thing to Happen to the BHPH Industry Since GPS

Portfolio Valuation

Connecting with Agora allows you to see real-time insights of your loans and portfolio.

Convert Your Loans to Cash

We bring industry and capital market buyers directly to you so that you always receive the most competitive offer.

Manage and Reduce Risk

Identify customers that are likely to default and learn leading operational strategies.

Capital Market Funding

Gain access to a Capital Facility and get a commitment in 24-hours for three times your current capacity.
Frazer and Agora Partnership
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Need Help Connecting your Account?

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How to Connect Frazer to Agora

Step 1 : Retrieve Your API Key
To retrieve your API key, click on your username in the upper right portion of the application ( and select the ‘Account’ option. In the ‘Your Account’ section, you will find the API key for your account.

Step 2 : Launch the Frazer Program

Step 3 : Click on the “Customers” Drop-Down of Your Toolbar

Step 4 : Select “8 – Upload to Finance Company”
After clicking the button, a new screen will appear.

Step 5 : Under the “Setup” Tab of “Finance Company Uploads,” Click on “Agora Data”
The “Agora Data Setup Screen” will appear.

Step 6 : Click the Checkbox to the Left of “Enable File Creation”
Be sure the checkbox beside “Only Include Customers already selected in the Sales of Receivables program” (C-3-1) is NOT checked.

Step 7 : Enter Your Agora Credentials
You will now need to enter your Agora credentials into the Username, Password, and API Key boxes. You can paste your copied API Key into the box.

Step 8 : Click ‘Save’
Once you have entered your Agora credentials, click Save,” and you will be prompted with a new dialogue box.

Step 9 : Click ‘Yes, Upload Now!’
The following prompt will state “You are about to upload customer account information to Agora data. Send Now?” Click Yes.”

Dependent upon the number of BHPH loans in your system this may take a few minutes to complete the upload. Once your loans have all uploaded, a confirmation window will appear stating, “Upload Completed.”

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