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Steve Burke

Dream Big in 2021

Agora Data has partnered with Frazer to revolutionize the auto industry with a new funding channel focused on one thing ― tripling your portfolio within 12 months.

Cash is no longer a restriction, and funding is only limited by your desire to grow. This is your opportunity to transform your business. Dream big!

Steve Burke

CEO - Agora Data

Triple Your Portfolio in 2021
Frazer DMS

Transform Your Business

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Here’s what other Frazer BHPH dealers are saying about Agora Data.

“It really is a game-changer. . . we’re going to be able to finance a lot more people. I’m not going to be worried about not being able to find investors or running short on the funds. It’s just a game-changer and a huge burden off my shoulders.”

Frazer BHPH Dealer – David


“I couldn’t believe it! It was too good to be true… this is an opportunity for me to expand and grow the business … I had to do it. It was too good of an opportunity to let go.”

Frazer BHPH Dealer – Erika

See what other BHPH dealers and finance companies have to say.
Caspian Auto Motors
“I want to grow 10x more a year. This is going to give me more growth opportunities than I have ever dreamed of. I wouldn’t be able to do this without Agora, that’s for sure. This is the best opportunity that the Buy Here Pay Here industry can have.”
– Elshan
New Start Financial
“I think this is really going to enable us to grow our portfolio without having to find outside dollars to bring in. Filling those capital restraints… and being able to leverage that is really exciting. Before, we were looking at a five-year ramp-up to be able to get to the levels of our goal… Now within 18 months, we can reach that goal.”
– Vance

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