A Better Way to Buy Auto Loans

AgoraInsights gives buyers the ability to extend offers to buy any loan on our platform. No longer limited to an originator’s posting a portfolio, buyers can filter and create their desired portfolios from an inventory of billions of dollars in available receivables.

Buyers can use Agora’s proprietary analytics, data filters, and reverse inquiry search engine to easily find loans matching any specification. Stop trying to hunt down portfolios that rarely meet expectations. Create your own with AgoraInsights.

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Reverse Inquiry

Find and purchase loans that fit your exact specifications using our unique reverse inquiry search features.

Diversified Investing

Diversify your investment across thousands of originators holding billions of dollars in receivables that are API integrated with Agora.

Asset Evaluation

Evaluate comprehensive analytical reports provided on every loan you examine.

Comprehensive Data

Receive the most up-to-date and accurate loan data including collateral data, collection notes and transaction histories in a safe and secure environment and standardized via Agora’s digital API with the nation’s leading DMS systems.

Find Your Dream Portfolio

Stop paying a high internal acquisition cost or a broker to hunt down portfolios that rarely meet your buying parameters. Our search feature makes it easy to find the loans you want.

Drastically reduce your expenses associated with the acquisition process.

Maximize your access to the subprime market – every loan is always available for sale.

As a buyer, these filters drastically increase your look-to-book ratios.

Create efficiency in the solicitation and buying process.

AgoraInsights | Buyer Filters

Explore Opportunity

You no longer have to wait for a portfolio to be listed for sale to make an offer. At any time, all loans on our platform can be solicited for purchase. Explore a whole new market of available paper. Have your offer in front of originators before your peers try to call them the pre-AgoraInsights way.

Through AgoraInsights, you have access to a growing network of thousands of originators with billions of dollars in receivables available for purchase.

AgoraInsights | Buyer Filter Results

Evaluate the Assets

Whether you want a quick overview of a portfolio or a detailed loan-level report, AgoraInsights provides you with all the information needed to make a well informed and strategic purchase decision.

As a buyer, quickly evaluate a comprehensive breakdown of a selected pool of loans.

Further analyze individual loans by downloading the full loan and collateral data in a standardized format.

Commitment Free Proposals

Show your interest in a group of selected loans without a formal commitment to purchase. Our platform makes it easy to send out reverse inquiry proposals without wasting the time and money required for a formal bid until you know the seller is interested in selling and there is an agreement on price expectations.

You’re able to quickly assess an originators interest level at a given price-range. You’re also able to pursue multiple offers at once without the risk of overcommitting yourself.

AgoraInsights | Buyer Create Proposal

Need Help Getting Started?

Our onboarding team is ready to show you how Agora can transform your auto loan portfolio.