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Reconditioning your auto inventory increases its value and brings higher sales prices. What are you doing with your biggest asset, your loan portfolio? We can help you merchandise and maximize the value of your auto loans.

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Whether you sell, hold or finance your portfolio, the AgoraCertified program will help you increase the value of your loans no matter how you manage it.


Increase Your Portfolio Value

We want to help you get your portfolio in tip-top shape. We work closely with dealers and their data, assisting with valuations, data accuracy, and loan servicing strategies. We are not compliance people we are “Value Creators.”


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If you sell, get more competitive pricing, faster funding and, likely, less put backs because you are AgoraCertified. If you don’t sell gain insights and benefits that will increase your loan portfolio value and place you ahead of others for our AgoraTrade and AgoraCapital features.


Enhanced Positioning for Premium Programs

AgoraCertified will get you premium access and enhanced offerings with AgoraMarketplace, AgoraTrade and AgoraCapital


We Do All the Work at No Cost to You

When you integrate with Agora, there is no need to create and distribute complicated data files. With just a few sample files, our expert analysis can provide you with intuitive and easy to follow recommendations that can help increase the value of your entire portfolio. AgoraCertified is a first-of-its-kind value building product that’s provided to all of our integrated members.

Get a Leg Up On Your Competitors

Whether you sell or hold your loans, becoming AgoraCertified can give you the highest performing, biggest money producing loans in your market.


You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Often after loans are entered into your DMS, transaction postings like late charges, CPI, repairs, NSF transactions, deferments, due date changes and payments may not have been applied correctly.

It doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong. They may just be amortizing incorrectly. You could be under-charging or over-charging a customer. A potential sale, financing or audit may be affected.

Becoming AgoraCertified will help guide you to best practices.

Wait, Why is There No Cost?

Our Wall Street and finance company members pay for our services, allowing us to provide this service free of charge to you.

We want to help you maximize your investment, sell if you wish, or leverage our line of credit program. Our programs are most effective and profitable to you when your loan portfolio and files are AgoraCertified.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The AgoraCertified program enables BHPH auto dealers to get low-cost capital and a more valuable portfolio by providing the tools and expertise to help “Recondition their Loans.” AgoraCertified works closely with dealers and their data, assisting them with valuations, the accuracy of data, regulatory, and loan servicing strategies. Just as it does with your auto inventory, reconditioning your auto loans can significantly increase the value of your entire portfolio. This service is provided free of charge to Agora members, and Agora does all the work.

Car Dealers recondition their vehicle inventory to make the cars more saleable, and allows the dealers to get a better price. Batteries, glass, paint, tires and brakes are standard reconditioning for a used car.  Loan amortizations, standards of documentation, data storage, document storage, and procedures all done properly can increase your portfolios value whether you hold or sell.  We do this for you as standard reconditioning practices for your Loans.

Very little. Through our API with your DMS we have the data and all we need is three sample files to get you AgoraCertified Silver.

We guide you through the entire process. It is slightly more work than Silver. However, the increased portfolio value created and interest expense savings by having a lower cost of funds is significant.

No, we are “Value Creators” not loan compliance people. In the event you need compliance professionals we have an arrangement with an industry leading compliance firms and we can connect you with them for discounted services.

By reconditioning your loans, they will be optimized and that can increase performance and make your senior lender less worried at line of credit renewal time. Also, having a loan portfolio that has been optimized ensures you are breaking out principal and interest properly.

Your loans are run through our models and we validate that the principal balance and interest paid are what it should be based on the contract.  Many times, we find that the dealers short themselves money by misapplying interest and principal on each payment.  Even worse is if you overcharge your customers you are open for potential litigation or regulatory problems.

It ensures you have all the required documents. It also shows a buyer, auditor or senior lender that you have policy and procedures in place, and details matter.

By getting certified you are sending a strong message that not only you care, but also want to use best practices. It shows you have an interest in having stronger and long-lasting business relationships. Lenders and buyers can “check the box”  more comfortably on counter-party risk.

Additionally, lenders that may have thought you too small or too risky will look at you differently when you have the controls and process in place that our certification gives you.

Our value creators will send you alerts periodically. We are also your resource for any questions or advice that you may have.

AgoraCertified is free to you because our Wall Street and finance companies members pay us for our services.


We have received your information and will contact you with the details on how to get in line for these exciting new products.