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AgoraInsights Webinar

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Over the course of the past few weeks, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused increased levels of uncertainty for many BHPH dealerships. Subprime loans can be subject to increased levels of risk when there is more volatility in the economy. With increased levels of uncertainty in the market, access to information and data is paramount and affords control to BHPH dealers. Agora is giving BHPH dealerships exclusive, free access to extremely powerful tools to evaluate critical loan components, track portfolio changes, compare loan valuations, and access various sources of liquidity.

The AgoraInsights Webinar was recorded on 3/25/20.

The webinar discusses topics like:

  • Why AgoraInsights is so beneficial to BHPH dealerships
  • Strategies for Times of Increased Uncertainty
  • How Dealers Can Reduce Risk and Manage Cashflow
  • How to Identify Factors Affecting Your Portfolio’s Value
  • Liquidity Options that any BHPH Dealership Can Access

Watch the video to get a preview of AgoraInsights

Through AgoraInsights, BHPH dealers get access to in-depth portfolio analytics and FREE loan by loan valuations.

Agora equips BHPH dealers with the data and knowledge needed to maximize the value of their portfolios and learn what makes one loan more valuable than another.

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