Agora Press Release | 9/12/19

Agora Announces New Senior Level Management and Trading Platform

Agora Data, Inc. (“AGORA”), A Texas-based provider of technology and financial solutions for the automotive industry, announces that Chad Stilwell and Cade Cunningham have joined the company’s senior management team. Stilwell will lead the data analytics department as the Senior Vice President of Data Science. Cunningham will be appointed Senior Vice President of Capital Solutions. Stilwell and Cunningham will be instrumental to the success of the rapidly expanding company, as well as the highly anticipated release of its new platform. Agora also welcomes as AVPs of Capital Solutions Lou Kailer and Justin Stokes.

Stilwell joins Agora from Alcon Vision, located in Fort Worth, Texas. Stilwell provided Alcon innovative, analytical solutions and invaluable commercial business insights for 11 years. With expertise in data science, analytics, commercial operations, and information technology, Stilwell will work with a team of developers to bring personalized business intelligence and expert analytics to Agora users.

Cunningham is a seasoned capital analyst and portfolio manager. Over the years, Cunningham has controlled multi-million dollar portfolios, used derivatives to hedge, and built long-standing portfolio strategies. Cunningham will be leading non-strategic investment, relationship management, and sales for Hedge Funds, Family Offices, and High Net Worth clients.

Steve Burke, CEO of Agora Data, commented, “With Stilwell and Cunningham at the wheel, Agora will soon be releasing a new and exclusive product line for its users, AgoraTrade” – a platform designed to bring capital market solutions to car dealers.

“Through our platform, dealers will be given access to the same high-level analytics and business intelligence that is used on Wall Street,” Burke said.

“With Stilwell heading up our machine learning and AI initiatives, we are going to give dealers access to the same powerful connections and investors that billion-dollar corporations have,” Burke said. “This will change the industry for every BHPH dealer.”

“Our growth over the past year has been exceptional, and we are thrilled to have Cade, Chad, Lou and Justin as contributors to take Agora to even higher levels of success and innovation,” Burke said. “As part of our management team, their experience aids us in our development and release of our most market-disruptive products to date, AgoraTrade and AgoraCapital.”

Agora plans to release the new product line by the end of 2019 and has started reserving spaces for interested accounts. The availability for the initial release is limited, and Burke plans to have every space filled by October 2019. 

For more information, please contact Agora Data, Inc. at (877) 592-4672 or email

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