Uploading files to Doc Room

AGORA has released Doc Room to allow the safe, secure, and efficient exchange of documents during the preview, pricing, diligence, and closing of a deal.

As a seller, you now have the ability to: upload a completed Seller Survey (which can be found in our Creating A Deal tutorial), sample deal jackets, any/all applicable licensing, and any other documents you wish to share with all potential buyers. Once you’ve created your deal, you can access the Doc Room by clicking on the key icon (displayed below) in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser.


By clicking on the Doc Room icon, you will prompt with the following dialogue box. Once you have clicked “Close,” you will be on the main Doc Room screen.


Within the Doc Room for your deal, there is a “Public” folder that has been automatically created for you to upload files into. Within the “Public” folder you will have the ability to upload files directly or create additional folders—labeled and organized as you see fit. To upload files or create folders, click the “Action” icon to the right of the Search Bar in your deal’s Doc Room. You will be given the options to Create Folder, Upload, and Download All. 


When uploading files, you have the option to “Drag and Drop” or select files from your file browser. You have to ability to “Drag and Drop” or upload multiple files at a time. 


All files uploaded to the “Public” folder of your deal will be viewable and exportable by all potential buyers. Once a bid is placed on your deal, a separate folder will be created within the Doc Room titled with the Company name of the bidding party. Within that folder, files may only be viewed and downloaded by the respective bidding party and yourself. If there are multiple bids on a deal, a separate private folder will be available with the corresponding name of each company.

As a buyer, once you’ve made a bid or submitted a Document Request to a seller, you will have a folder created within the Doc Room of the applicable deal. Within that folder, you will be able to privately exchange documents directly to the seller. In addition to the seller, you will be able to create folders and upload files to your company’s folder within the Doc Room.


We have received your information and will contact you with the details on how to get in line for these exciting new products.