How do I complete an API integration with Wayne Reaves?

As an API integration partner, you can concurrently maintain your BHPH loan portfolio in AGORA for analytics, in addition to publishing and exchanging your loan data to potential buyers at the click of a button. 

To get started, sign into AGORA (, and navigate to settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page, towards the bottom left-hand side you will see “API Key,” highlight and copy the entire string of characters as you will need to enter this into Wayne Reaves.

Now you will need to launch your Wayne Reaves program. Once the Wayne Reaves program is up and running, you will open up utilities to “Wayne Reaves Partner Setups.” Select “Third Party Finance Companies,” then click “Setup AGORA.” You will now need to enter your AGORA credentials into the Username, Password, and API Key boxes. You can paste your copied API Key into the box.


Once you have entered your AGORA credentials, click “Save.” Your loan data, collection notes, and transaction histories will upload overnight to AGORA. 

Once your data has uploaded you will be able to view loan data in “My Loans” of your AGORA account. 

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