Finding your first deal to buy

As a buyer, AGORA Data provides an invaluable framework and set of tools to help you find the right deal that best matches your buying criteria. We strive to maintain an open marketplace where sellers and buyers can come together to begin transacting hassle-free and in an intuitive as possible manner. Because we don’t summarize portfolios and instead trap data at the loan level—combined with our data standardization—AGORA is able to provide a robust search experience across all deals listed.

To get started, sign in to First, let’s visit the ‘Browse All Deals’ page from the left-hand menu. When first visiting the page, you’ll see a full list of every public deal for sale within AGORA. You can freely sort this list on any of the default options: principal balance, loan count, available until, and company name.


To get the most out of finding the right deals listed on AGORA, use the filters to capture some of your higher-level buying criteria. At first, the information shown in the deal table (loan count and balance) is unfiltered and represents the entirety of each deal. As you apply filters, the loan counts and balances will change to reflect new totals after removing loans from each deal that do not match the filter criteria. For example, let’s say you set a single filter for remaining term, to  only include loans with 36 months remaining.


Before applying this filter, Agora Data, DEAL-1246 showed 872 loans at a principal balance of $7,432.918. After applying the filter, this same deal appears in the list below, however, it now shows totals of only 701 loans, or $6,026,990.


This means that of the original 872, only 701 have a remaining term of 36 months. When you click on the link to the deal, you’ll once again see the full offering. However, you are provided the ability to filter your selection once again before actually placing a bid. Finally, a deal will be removed entirely from this list if none of its loans meet the criteria you’ve set. By using filters, you’re able to quickly input your general buying criteria and view only the deals that are relevant to you. You can then find the right size deal with the correct number of loans, and take over from there!


We have received your information and will contact you with the details on how to get in line for these exciting new products.